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Starting new project to pick up garbage on the street.

We, 4billion health Ltd. started our project to pick up garbage on the street.

We arranged this activity on 23rd November for the first time, from 8am to 10am in Uttara Robindra Sharani to Friends club field, Sector 3. This project was devised by our team member to make the road and the area clean.

Why is it important to keep the environment in good hygiene?? The answer is that garbage will pollute our environment. To make matters worse, dirtiness sometimes causes serious health problems.

Rubbish and waste can cause air and water pollution.Rotting garbage is also known to produce harmful gases that mix with the air and can cause breathing problems in people. In a case, a girl was dead by drinking polluted water. We need to change such a terrible situation. We must ensure our healthy life and also for our future generations. What we can do first is to take a small step, which was picking up a garbage, but this activity will lead to a big flow to gain healthy life for everyone. To help this change, we are also offering a chance to take health checkup for you.

From this month, 4billion health Ltd. proudly take a step for social activities in every month.